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March 15th, 2022

A letter from co-founders,
Max Firsau and Nick Tuzenko,
at Accel Club

When news of the war in Ukraine first broke, like many others, we were shocked and worried about our families, friends, colleagues and partners in Ukraine. It is hard to bear when people we care about are hurting. To our Ukrainian colleagues and everyone residing in Ukraine, no words can describe the anguish you have suffered as the tragedy unfolds before your eyes.

The wellbeing and safety of our colleagues and their families is our top priority. Since day one, our dedicated taskforce has maintained contact with our Ukraine-based colleagues regularly to support them according to their individual circumstances, and the rest of our global team rallied behind them to ensure they can focus on themselves.

As a global company, Accel Club is incorporated in Delaware, USA, with our headquarters situated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our executives and employees are based in different locations around the world including the US, the Netherlands, China, Armenia, Turkey, Georgia and Ukraine. In view of the current situation, we have decided to close all operations in Russia. As such, we will no longer engage any contractors in the country. Business-critical operations continue to run across the rest of our global team who are focused on serving our customers, and delivering the best value and products in over 20 countries.

Our hearts ache for everyone affected, and we pray for the safety of our loved ones and team in Ukraine. This conflict is not something anyone wants or supports. We pray for peace and are heartened by the care and empathy shown toward one another, and we ask that everyone do what you can within your means to help. During this difficult time, we must stand together and support one another.


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Eleonora and Oleg' photo
Eleonora & Oleg

From our first conversation we realized that the Accel Club team shares a similar worldview with us, both in terms of brand development and relationships with customers and employees. This was very important in our choice of a buyer. We not only wanted to sell the brand for a good price, but also to ensure it stayed in good hands.

Closed deal in May 2021
Category: Art Supply
Howard' photo

Having spent a few months speaking with brokers, colleagues, and other buyers, the team at Accel Club were outstanding and absolutely delightful, and made our first sale a very pleasant one for us. Undoubtedly, it helps that they offered the best terms. Additionally, while buyers and acquirers are flooding the market right now, what distinguishes Accel Club is their relatively painless process, from negotiations, to due diligence, to handoff & payment. Even their level of intent & commitment is highly notable among their peers.

Closed deal in April 2021
Category: Patio, Lawn & Garden
Sergey' photo

Selling your company can be a stressful experience. Working with the Accel Club team was a straightforward process. I was pleasantly surprised with their professionalism, business skills, and their personal care. They stuck to their roadmap from the first to the final steps.

Closed deal in June 2021
Category: Pet Supply

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We are looking for high-quality brands with significant growth potential
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Brands that are primarily sold on Amazon FBA.
At least 70% of sales should come from Amazon FBA; sales on other platforms will be included in the valuation.

Leading product in category

Top in organic search, high number of reviews and rating higher than the average in a niche.

Private label with a registered trademark

Trademarks should be registered with respective authorities. There should be no IP rights infringements.

Enduring product category

No supplements, fashion or intensive R&D.

Open mind

We consider all opportunities but in general look for at least $1 mln in revenue in the last 12 months.

No extreme seasonality

We do not consider brands where 2 months generate over 60% of annual earnings.

Meet Our Leadership Team

We are a team of talented and energetic professionals. We are experts in data analytics, supply chain, growth marketing and finance. We’ve built leading players in the e-commerce space before and worked at the top global companies like Alibaba, Uber, McKinsey, Procter & Gamble, L’Oreal, Google, and KPMG.

We are a seller just like you! We speak the same language.

Expect the best possible experience before, during and after the deal.

Max is a serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in e-commerce. He was the founder and CEO of Foodfox, then Yandex.Eats and Head of Yandex’ food-tech services (Y.Eats, Y.Lavka, Y.Chef) - the leading food-tech marketplace in Europe.

E-commerce trends are constantly changing
in an attempt to shape the way that people purchase products. This makes the future of e-commerce exciting. At Accel Club, we build a global tech-driven consumer products platform that offers significant value to millions of customers across the globe
by leveraging our expertise
in technology, marketing, operations and supply chain.

Max Firsau
Co-founder and CEO

Nick is an entrepreneur with a background in management consulting. Prior to Accel Club, Nick worked at BCG and as Managing Director at Busfor, a leading bus transportation marketplace, acquired by BlaBlaCar late in 2019.

Previously, we built successful e-commerce businesses which ended up becoming leaders in their local markets. This experience provided invaluable insights into the way e-commerce merchants operate and what difficulties they face on a daily basis. This expertise enables us
to give sellers the smoothest possible exit experience
and for us to maximize their earn-outs.

Nick Tuzenko
Co-founder and Managing Director
One of our core beliefs is that the quality of a business is determined by its team. We strive to find the people who share our vision and would like to grow with us.

Early in his career, Askar worked as a Project Leader for BCG, where he oversaw projects in finance and operations. He went on to gain experience in the tech start-up space as COO and later as Head of Digital in IT service provider. He brings over 10 years of experience in team building, process optimization and business transformation.

When Askar isn't working with Amazon sellers on a creative win-win exit solution, he enjoys downhill skiing and playing soccer with his three sons.

Askar Bagaviev
VP of Acquisitions

Maria continues to lead the expansion of Accel Club's operations teams, drawing from her 5 years of experience as the Head of Partner operations
at Yandex and Uber, where she managed teams of 200+ employees. She holds a Master's Degree in Psychology and Business coaching, helping her to provide
a personal touch to the rapid scaling process, critical to Accel Club's success. A fun fact about Maria, is that she competed internationally as a professional swimmer.

Maria Krot
VP of Operations

Ruslan leads Accel Club's Finance team, where he oversees the company's financial reporting, planning and risk management, in addition to playing an active role in the ongoing fund-raising process.

Before working for Accel Club, Ruslan worked for McKinsey. Ruslan studied in the United States at the University of Washington and has a notoriously insatiable appetite for Asian food.

Ruslan Khabibov
VP and Chief Financial Officer

Marina's mission at Accel Club is to provide an environment that enables each employee to grow and thrive. An expert in talent acquisition, coaching, and talent development, Marina came from JP Morgan as HR BP where she arranged leadership sessions with Harvard and INSEAD professors, and also developed summer internship programs for MBA students from Harvard and Wharton. An avid learner in and outside the office, Marina is especially passionate about mental health awareness, from meditation to stoicism philosophy, mindfulness techniques, and burnout research.

Marina Morosanova
Head of Talent and Culture

Max leads Accel Club's data engineering and analytics teams. Previously, Max was
a Data Science executive at Yandex Foodtech, and Head of Platform Performance Analytics and Business Intelligence at Yandex.Eats.
With a degree from prestigious physics and technology university, Max's academic brilliance paired with his experience building data systems, are key to Accel Club's brand optimization and scaling strategies.

Max Sergeev
Head of Marketplace Efficiency
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Usually, we close deals in 30 days. We start with a short intro call, then we sign NDA and evaluate your business. If all goes well, we proceed with a letter of intent and due diligence (2-3 weeks). Finally, all legal papers are signed, and funds are disbursed.

Why should I choose Accel Club over other aggregators?

We are entrepreneurs who have built e-commerce businesses. Our team has an extensive background in operations and speaks your language. Global expansion of your brand is our priority. You receive more for your business than from other big-name aggregators. Your pay outs are linked to revenue, not to EBITDA.

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Sure, just get in touch with us.
We have already paid millions of US dollars in referral fees.

Why should I sell my business now?

When sellers approach us, they mention various reasons for selling their business now. Some are looking to make a change in their life after spending so much time on Amazon, e.g. vacation, new venture, retirement.  Other sellers exit because of limited growth potential of the current business – need to enter new markets, launch new products, or face increased competition. Some are looking to take advantage of the current high demand for acquisitions. Interest in M&A from aggregators will not last forever, and they will switch to launching new products in the future.

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